thanks to heather, we went to sundance this year!  it was so strange to be in park city with so many people.  not only did you have the movie stars, you also had the locals, the producers, the distributors and of course, the paparazzi - yikes!  we were able to see three movies:  Hump Day  (my favorite and heather's favorite, too), Spread and I Love You Phillip Morris  (which would have been much better if i had known it was true.

other fun things in utah? 

the boys got to ski

and i got to hang out with two of my favorite boys

and, paul got dad to go to a crowded bar!!


trips to the fridge...

you never realize how many trips you make to the fridge until you don't have one in the kitchen.  see that far corner behind the beam?  that is where the fridge used to be.  we now have to go out the sliding glass door (and be sure to close it at night so lula doesn't sneak out to go find some neighborhood alleycat), open the garage (many times i've forgotten the key so i have to go back in the slider, close it, etc...) get whatever it is i need and come back in, closing the doors again.  

it doesn't sound like much but really - you have no idea how taken for granted the fridge in the kitchen really is! as ray and i get ready to leave with heather and paul for sundance tomorrow, ray has closed up the almost stripped clean kitchen with plastic so it is ready to go when we get back!!  

over the weekend in utah, i'll relish in the fact that we will only have to go to the fridge in the garage for beer!  

don't take your fridge for granted!!







why do people complete crossword puzzles in all capital letters?  i can barely be bothered to use capital letters when required - only at work.  i never use all capital letters when writing unless i want to yell at someone.  so, why the capitals when working a crossword puzzle?  hmm...

my new year's resolution is to complete crossword puzzles.  inelastic was a clue in my crossword this morning that i just couldn't figure out!  the clue was "lacking flexibility" DUH!!  you'd think i'd know that because of yoga.  

why the goal?  Mac, my stepdad, creates crossword puzzles and it is his goal to be in the NY Times.  he has been published in local seattle papers over the past couple of months has sent me a couple of his puzzles.  it may have taken me four days for each of them but, i completed two out of three!  i'm still working on the third.  he did say it was harder than the others :)  hopefully, by the end of the year, i will be able to complete more than the easy Monday crosswords and i'll be able to complete Mac's in less than four days! 



wedding wheel quilt

it is my goal to start using more fabric napkins after the remodel so that we waste the least amount of paper towels and paper napkins as possible.  we do have enough left over from the wedding to do that even after making the wedding wheel quilt!  unfortunately, we haven't been able to use it yet as i had to send it to joelle so she could photograph it for the purl bee!   




oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

reasons i have only put up a tree for christmas one time since moving to california 10 years ago:

  1. i only lived with amy for one christmas
  2. it is weird to put up a tree wearing a tank top and flip flops
  3. i'm always out of town for christmas
  4. the cats freak out
  5. i always forget to water the tree
  6. i hate the clean up
  7. my christmas boxes are buried in the garage

i do always miss the festivities, though!  last year i had candles everywhere and a tinsel tree.  this year while flipping through domino, i was inspired!  i dug out the one working strand of white christmas lights and made a garland out of felt using the futte futte maker and voila - a tree to enjoy for the season!  no water, no clean up, no cats freaking out and i did it all without amy - amazing (but not as fun).  when ray asked me what i did that day (he was at work) i said "i put up a christmas tree!  and it was free!"  he was very confused and happily surprised when he got home!  

merry christmas!! 

here is a close up of the garland

 PS - yes, joelle, that is christmas bear!