photos from eva (our photogarpher) are here!   don't feel like you have to look at all of them - there are many!   

login info: jenandrayWED

password: jahnke

here is one of the many photos! click on it to see them all!



if you know me, you know who i'm going to vote for.  if you know ray, you know who he would vote for.  i'm pretty sure i could guess who my friends and family are voting for with about 98% accuracy.  in fact, i'd venture to say that most of the country knows who they are voting for so, why the hell do we listen to the news?  i can't stand the news right now!! this person said this, that person said that - it is like the lunch table back at kellogg middle school and it is absolutely driving me crazy.    i pretty much walk out of the room when the news comes on (or, i say to ray "i really don't think i can watch this, i may throw up" and he is nice enough to go in the other room).    i'm boycotting every news program except this and that.  


learning curves

l started this blog simply so i could learn.  i was learning quite a lot and then something took over my time.  what was that?  oh, right we got married!   after the wedding was over there were thank you notes, finding places for all the gifts and cleaning up my craft room from all the wedding debris.  i now have a huge pile of cutting, piecing and quilting to do along with some baby blankets.   for now - i thought i would continue my education by teaching myself how to embed a video.  this is my favorite cat cartoon, ever.   


labor day weekend

i used to look forward to labor day weekend back when we lived on the peninsula for such different reasons.  labor day meant the end of the relentless summer crowds, the noise outside our window would quiet down, traffic would die down and we may be able to find parking on the weekends!   this year - i'm looking forward to picking up andrew, trying to find a bike for him and riding to the peninsula to have some fun with the locals, the non-locals and the used to be locals!  have i mentioned how proud i am of our brothers - andrew is a Marine and Carlos is in The Army (i don't seem to have a photo of him....i'll have to work on that!)

happy labor day!!



more to come soon...

holy crap!   it has been forever since i updated our blog!  we've been running a bit short on time with all the traveling, working, bridal showers, sewing of table runners, making gifts for the wedding party, etc etc...

the kitchen remodel was postponed (happily) until now!  we visited the city of costa mesa yesterday and will get the ball rolling very soon indeed.  i imagine there will be more exciting things to post when that starts happening! 

we're working on getting photos together from all our friends and families but, this could take a bit as there were many digital photos at the wedding!   for now, here is one of the favorites.  i'm not sure who took it so thanks ______!

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