i'm finally figured out how to crawl.  i'm much better now than this video shows but mom doesn't have that on film yet!  i'm also pulling myself up to stand and i love to knock over the blocks when mom and dad build them into a tower.



a few of my favorite things...

i've been up to a lot of new tricks lately!  rolling around, petting the cats, visiting grandparents, eating three times a day, sleeping through the night (on my belly!) and laughing a lot!  here are a few of my things to do...


fake coughing

eskimo kisses from daddy

bath time

and my newest trick....almost crawling


look what i can do!

today while my mom was at yoga and my dad was at work, i decided to show of for ree ree (alot of people call her rickie for some reason).  i didn't feel like showing off when mom and dad got home because i was so tired from all the work i did when ree ree was here so all they got to see was this video!





i can't wait until tomorrow so i can practice more!!  


can't type yet!

the other day i mentioned our blog to bobbie and she told me that she would love if we could start to update our far flung family and friends this way.  she can't type yet so she'll be dictating to me!  

here is what she'd like you to know today:

i go to work with mommy most days and it is really fun!  i get to see ree-ree and stacey every day and debbie, courtney, mari and julia on some days.  here is a picture of me and my friend julia playing. 

julia is about 5 months older than me and i'm so jealous of her - she gets to crawl all over the place!  i'm watching her carefully and trying to learn how to do big girl things.

today i started a music class with mommy.  we sing songs and play with toys that make noise and there are a bunch of other kids my age in the class - i can't wait to go back next week! 

last friday, i went to lunch at red robin with mommy and some friends.  it was my first time sitting in a highchair at a restaurant.  i also ate a little bit of tortilla that day - it was yummy!

mommy tries to feed me something other than bottles every day.  some days i eat but mostly i just make funny faces when i taste the new food.  i really like pears and sweet potatoes are okay.  

i'm also working really hard on sleeping through the night - i think i've finally got it but sometimes i just want a hug so i wake up and hope that mommy or daddy will come and give me one.  

that's all the news bobbie wants to report for now - we'll keep you posted on new happenings!





so happy to announce that ray and i are expecting our first child in July this year!  we are still discussing names so for now LJ (LIttle Jahnke) is much more fun than saying the baby all the time.